Class 2

Class 2 is mixed year group of year 1’s and 2’s. The children work in differentiated groups for independent tasks allowing them to access appropriately challenging work. However wherever possible the children also work in mixed ability groups.  This helps to create a warm family environment where every child can be valued, contribute to learning and feel comfortable around each other.

We use an array of teaching strategies to accommodate different learning styles. Practical, hands-on activities help children solve problems and grasp concepts that are otherwise difficult to unlock. Speaking and listening is developed through our role play area and our class performances. We have recently done a number of different performances including performing our own poems and dramatisation of a pirate story.

 In numeracy problem solving is central. Children are usually taught mathematical methods and concepts and are then expected to use and apply these to solve both practical and mental problems. Phonics and CLIC (Count it, Learn it, It’s nothing new, Calculations) are whole school schemes where the children access the programme according to their ability. This allows children to be challenged at an appropriate level regardless of age. Therefore we can cater for their next steps and their learning journey throughout their time at Swarland.

In class 2 we believe that everyone should be the best they can be and support each other in achieving their individual goals.