Class 3 & 4

Class 3 is a mixed Year 3/4 class and Class 4 is a mixed Y5/6 class. The mix of children in KS2 differs each year. Children work in ability groups for Literacy and Numeracy, which enables children to access appropriate, challenging and differentiated work.  The children learn in mixed ability groups for topic work to allow them to work with everyone in the class.

Throughout each lesson there is a wide range of learning styles used to ensure each learner is engaged, enthused and motivated. Practical, hands on activities are used as much as possible, as well as a mixture of individual work, group work and partner work. KS2 regularly use self and peer assessment to address what they have done really well in their work and their next learning steps. This supports them in becoming independent learners. 

The children are encouraged to have their favourite authors and genres but are also encouraged to read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. In our Literacy sessions we love using drama and hot-seating to stimulate the children’s imagination. 

In the summer term Year 3/4 go on an exciting residential trip on alternate years to experience adventuorus outdoor activities. These take place in excellent activity centres, ran by extremely well-trained staff that lead the children through a variety of activities, such as caving, canoeing, wall climbing etc. The children gain a great deal of confidence from this and a great sense of achievement. The objectives of the trip are to build up team work skills, problem solving skills, communication and raise self-esteem. Year 3/4 and the staff look forward to going each year! In Year 6 a cultural trip takes place to London with other local schools to help them prepare for their transition to High School.

Overall in KS2 we aim for each child to achieve their best, to welcome a challenge and to understand that it is ok to get things ‘wrong’, as they can learn from their mistakes. Some children leave Swarland Primary School at the end of Year 4 to attend middle school, others at the end of Y6 for High School. Our children leave Swarland Primary School as confident, polite, engaged learners.