At Swarland Primary School we believe that enjoyment and achievement go hand in hand. It is our role, to help the children of Swarland Primary School to become happy, lifelong learners supporting them to reach their goals and dreams and in doing so achieving their full potential.


Swarland Primary School is a happy place, with a nurturing, caring and supportive environment. Every child is special and we aim to create a learning ethos in which all children can develop an awareness of their own worth and individual potential. As you are the most important person in your child’s life, it is really important we work together to support each other in making this a reality. We strive towards working together in a partnership of trust and shared responsibility, to ensure that we achieve the best possible education and well being for your children.

To this end, I hope this website will provide you with the necessary information you will need about the life and work of the school and how you as parents and carers can play a pivotal role as part of our school community.

Louise Fletcher