Keeping your child safe on the internet is a major concern to most parents today. Children have access to technology every day, whether it is on the internet or mobile phones. Children are becoming more and more computer literate. This can be a very positive thing as it will open many doors for them as adults however, as always, children need have e-safety awareness. For this reason, our children participate in a number of activities and lessons to help build their awareness. At Swarland Primary School we do our utmost to ensure that the children are able to access cyberspace safely, but there are aspects of this that are beyond our control. We felt that you may want to find out more about keeping your child safe when using the internet at home and about things that you can do to help.  Simply click on the links below. We have also included links to age appropriate e-safety websites for the children.

We are also starting to build links here for you as parents to obtain help and useful software to support keeping your children safe.  We do not necessarily endorse the use of all the software here and recommend that you make your own assessment for its use in your home. 


 BBC - E-Safe
A great site for children and parents.

Child Net International
Child Net Website including Know It All Parents

E-safe site for parents  Kidscape
Guidance for parents on bullying and on-line safety.

Think U Know Parents Advice
Guidance for parents.


Online Safety & Cyberbullying Awareness For Parents and Carers

Supporting Young People Online

Parents: supporting young people online: Childnet